This was lucky photo….

I believe that we make our own ‘luck’. If I played the lottery and won the jackpot, that’s lucky hey? But, I had to buy the ticket to win the prize, not true?

The same applies to everything in life. You need to be there for something lucky to occur to you. Lying in bed ain’t gonna help.

This photo is such a ‘lucky’ photo. I had this view in mind when we went out for our sunset shoot, but due to the lack of clouds, I decided to go to a different viewpoint first and I did a whole hour of time lapse there first.

With the sun setting fast, but still some way from touching the mountain, we packed the car and drove the couple of kilometers down to this view point. I did not factor in that we will be going lower down on the mountain pass and that the sun was a few degrees lower already than when we left the top. Now it was touching the top of the mountain and I thought, ‘no, I left it too late’. I frantically opened bags and grabbed a camera and tripod, connecting them in lightening speed I took a couple of quick shots, bracketing the whole time, just to get something onto the memory card.

A few seconds later the sun has disappeared behind the mountain and I felt deflated. But the light was still amazing coming from behind it and I readied the camera for a time lapse sequence.

Back home I processed the time lapse and was impressed with the light conditions I captured. I remembered my hasty photos of the sun setting and went looking for them in the reject folder. There were about 12 bracketed photo’s showing the sun in a beautiful burst – only ONE was exposed correctly….Lucky hey?

With a bit of planning from my side as well. 😉

This is a 2 photo pano, ideal for large printing.