We arrived from in Kalambaka late the previous night and got up early the next morning to catch sunrise over Meteora. While driving up to the lookout point we grudgingly agreed to get up earlier, which gave us about 5 hours of sleep between sunset and sunrise shoots… Not much for someone who does not function with less than 7 hours a night..

This morning has already started changing color and I started setting up the time lapse gear as quick as possible and started shooting. This was my first photo out of a 1017 photo sequence.

Ten minutes later all color has left the sky and so has the clouds, which left me with little other option but to wait for the sun to rise higher so I could at least document the shadows moving in. Breakfast had to wait a little longer.

Looking back on our time shooting Meteora, most sunrises here (we did 8) were drab, but the evenings got quite exciting with thunderstorms visiting the area almost every second day.