I can still remember in high school when we were given a questionnaire to fill in: “What occupation would you like to have when you leave school”. I wrote down four occupations: a dolphin instructor, a game ranger, a photographer and a videographer. I have managed to combine three of these occupations; my love for nature, photography and moving images. One day I may still swim with dolphins in the ocean….

My love for photography, nature, travel and adventure is in my blood.  My grandfather was an avid shooter and his leather encased twin lens Photavid Photina Reflex camera has a proud space in my office. My father also loved shooting; we still have boxes full of 35mm film negatives, slides and old reels containing family moments.  It is not so much that I grew up in these environments (my grandfather died when I was 10 and I have no recollection of my father ever holding a camera), but I always knew the passion was there: that feeling of wishing to capture a moment.

But life has a way of sweeping you away (as I am sure this is what happened to my father’s family shoots) and it was not until the age of 33 that I had a chance of pursuing a career in photography.  I devoured every article and tutorial I could find on photography and slowly started to learn this wonderful art of creating images.  From the start I was drawn to landscapes and sweet light and traveled the back roads for years searching and shooting.  In 2014 I became interested in time lapse photography and once again dove into a steep learning curve.   I totally loved it!

In 2018, after a 10 year career in photography, I retired my search for sunsets and sunrises.  All photos and videos are still available for sale and I can be reached for any questions thereto.

Thank you for stopping by and browsing my work!