It was raining so much I could hardly see the house across the street from our hotel room. Lightning crashed down every few minutes and the water was rushing in brown rivers towards the gardens edge.

“Well there goes the sunset shoot” I thought.

But twenty minutes later the heavy clouds started to part in places, even though a constant rain was still washing down.

“We might just as well make the drive up Meteora and see which way the weather turns”, I said to Mari.

We gathered the gear and dashed outside in the rain to load the car as quickly as possible. We pulled out of the parking onto a road plastered with leaves shaken from trees. For once we found ourselves alone on the road towards Meteora. No tourisits?! What a bargain!

We stopped in a quiet place towards the top of the cliff overlooking the monasteries and waited in the car for the rain to stop. The rain was still pelting down, but off to the east I could see it starting to clear up while towards the west a dark cloud of rain and lightning still rolled over the landscape.

The moment the rain stopped from a constant downpour to a drip-drip on the roof, I was out of the car and started setting up the camera gear. I called Mari from the safety of the car and gave her an umbrella to hold over the camera and tripod while I got the ipad connected to the camera’s wifi and started a time lapse sequence. I had a cloth ready and wiped droplets from the lens between every exposure.

It was still pretty wet and foggy at first, but as soon as the sun cleared the clouds I could see that this was going to an epic sunset.

For the next hour we were entertained by a light show which were phenomenal!

Bucket list destination meets bucket list light! Happiness!

Mari doing a good job at keeping the rain off the camera!